Tempur-Pedic® Baby Mattresses


Tempur-pedic, the Swedish mattress company, has developed quite a reputation since they first started producing mattresses in 1992, after close to a decade of research and development.  Their inspiration came from products being developed by NASA to counter the G forces experienced by astronauts during their space missions.  Their product has since won accolades from NASA, Good Housekeeping, Consumers Digest, The Arthritis Foundation and thousands of individuals and health care professionals around the world.

The wonderful thing about memory form is that it has the ability to conform to your body’s shape because it is heat sensitive, responding to your warmth as the cells become smaller and more pliable.  This is good news for anyone who has back problems or problems with other parts of their body as there are no air spaces or pressure points formed between your body and the mattress.  The high density foam also regains its form quite quickly when the weight is removed from it.  Most people, physical problems or not, report deep restful and rejuvenating sleep when using these products.

If you have a baby or a young child, you might also want to consider one of these mattresses for them, so everyone in the house can get a good night’s sleep.  The tempur pedic baby mattress and the tempur pedic kids mattress are both available though some traditional suppliers, as well as through online merchants on the internet.  While the official Tempur-pedic website supplies only a twin-size mattress, and it is available in many different models, there are many custom suppliers who can make a crib mattress to your specifications.  The gift of a good night’s sleep and of full body support is one that is well worth considering and introducing to young sleepers.

One of the other features of the tempur pedic mattresses that is also important if you are looking for a crib or kid’s mattress is that most of the mattresses have matching mattress pads available that are removable and washable.  They, like the mattresses themselves are also allergen resistant, which is very important for children whether they have developed allergies or not yet.  Because there is no organic material to feed on, these mattresses are also resistant to dust mites.

The market for tempur pedic mattresses, and custom tempur pedic mattresses is quite competitive, and prices are not always listed on individual websites, at the request of Tempur-pedic.  Once you find a supplier you are interested in however, you can easily send off an email or make a phone call to request more information and pricing.  Most offer quite fast delivery as well, and many times it is free of charge.  Hey, you could also ask about the Tempur-pedic Teddy Bear – the bear that hugs back.  This is a new product from Tempur-pedic, which is also been used to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Network and launched in November 2009.  This bear is raising quite a stir and fast becoming popular with both young and old alike.