Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic Beds

Sleep Number Beds vs Tempur-Pedic Beds

It is hard to compare apples and oranges.  There is also a point at which apples become oranges however depending on the criterion that you choose.  Comparing a Sleep Number Bed verses Tempurpedic Bed is like a little of both.

First for the similarities.  The sleep number bed verses tempur pedic bed issue is undoubtedly the same with respect to pricing, as these beds are both in the higher end of pricing.  One significant difference however, is that the Tempur pedic pricing is available on their website for all of their models, sizes, and all of their accessories.  The Sleep Number beds however, do not have their prices listed on their website and you need to call a 1-800 number or one of their select retail locations.

Another similarity when you talking Tempurpedic versus sleep number beds is that both claim to offer individual comfort and body support and to be helpful for people with back problems because their systems lead to correct alignment of the spine.  At this point however, the two products do become apples and oranges.  The Tempur-pedic bed system is made of many layers of space age memory foam that adjusts to the weight and shape of your body based on the response of the foam to environmental conditions and your body weight and shape.  The Sleep number bed on the other hand, other than one of their models that do have a certain amount of memory foam in it, is based on individual adjustable air pockets.  Rather than responding to your body on its own, you make the bed respond to your body by using your remote control.  This is a major difference.

When you want to know what is a better bed sleep number bed or tempur pedic, you will also find that the Tempur-pedic website is much more transparent.  They readily provide full details and pictures about their bed systems and the layers that make them up.  This is not the case with the Sleep Number bed.  You are only told that the system involves air pockets and that these are adjustable by individual remote control.  Now somewhere along the line, there must be a pump of sorts that inflates these individual air pockets.  This is alluded too, but nowhere on the site are you shown what it looks like, or how exactly these beds work, and what exactly they are comprised of.

Again attempting to compare apples with apples, there are sleep number beds with Tempurpedic or memory foam.  This however is limited to one model of their beds, and it comes in at a measly one inch.  Once again we are never given a picture of the real mechanism or configuration, and can only assume that it comes in somewhere between other layers of foam or air pocket systems.  We are also led to believe on the website that in addition to adjusting the air pockets, we can also adjust individually the layer system, but this is not well explained.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the Sleep Number product because it is Canadian and this is always a good thing.  However, in order to properly compare a Tempurpedic versus sleep number bed would require much more research on the sleep number side than what is available on the internet.  Ultimately, until the point that this company becomes more transparent, we are dealing with apples and oranges and two vastly different sleep systems.